“Rabi-Al-Thani” is the fourth month in Islamic calendar, likewise other Islamic months, and this month also holds the great importance in the heart of Muslim. Because of some Islamic incident that was happened in this month, as the Islamic calendar flows the “lunar calendar” that’s why it come on the different dates of the English calendar.

The “Rabi-Al-Thani” is an Arabic word, whereas the word “Rabi” means “Spring” and the word “Thani” means “Second” therefore the month of “Rabi-Al-Thani” is also known as “Second Spring” and it is also known as “Rabi-ul-Akhir” whereas the word “Akhir” means “Last”, so it is also known as “The last spring” this symbolizes the end of spring, which in return meant that going of happiness and enjoy. There are many incidents which took place in this month which is enlisted as follow;

1. The birth of Imam-Hassan-al-askari on the day of 8 “Rabi-Al-Thani”
2. Death of FATIMA-BINT-MUSA on the day of 10 “Rabi-Al-Thani”
3. Death of Habib Abu Bakr on the day of 15 “Rabi-Al-Thani”s
4. Death of Ahmad Sirhind on the day of 26 “Rabi-Al-Thani”

As we can see the above personalities are the people which did a lot for mankind and did many things for their betterment and spent their lives imparting knowledge to us. As the end of spring happiness changed into the moderate happiness, then sadness. These personalities and their death are like a like metaphor of spring changing into summer then the flowers die.

As in this month, there is death of many famous personalities, so it is the interest of many Muslims throughout the world to be at their places on this month. So, keeping in view these many travel agencies started offering some cheap umrah plans and packages to their valued customers, at low and Affordable prices Umrah Packages from Liverpool, England with 5 Star Hotel 2018. With more facilities at low prices, which men in a street can also pay.


How to Perform the Prayer of Need

How to Perform the Prayer of Need

The obligatory prayers are fives which Muslims offer in a day. The reasons of these prayers to accomplish nearness to Allah, the clemency of misconducts, and fulfillment of our desires. As we know that, Allah the Most Glorious doesn’t need us to pray to Him but, we need His help and guidance. Allah Says in Quran,
“And pursue assistance over tolerance and prayer, and indeed, it is problematic apart from for the modestly passive [to Allah].” [Quran, 2: 45]

Allah blessed us with Nawafils which means, not compulsory for us to do it but we gain something extra from performing these nawafils such as, Istikhara, Tahajjud, Ishraq, and Chasat. According to Hadith,
“Each and every time a matter became solemn, the Prophet (PBUH) turned to salah”. (Abu Dawood)

Salatul Hajat

As we know that Allah is Most Merciful and Beneficial, it means that everyone can appeal to Allah at any time for His assistance. Salatul Hajat is known as the Prayer of Need in Islam is also important prayer. It is offered for the purpose of accomplishment of one’s specific need or desire. It is not alike to any other obligatory prayer but, it is a way to request or beg to Allah for one’s true desire.

“He who makes wudu, and does it correctly, then pray two rakats, Allah will grant him whatever he may pray for, sooner or later”. (Ahmad)

Format of Salat ul Hajat

The procedure of Salat ul Hajat is given below,

• You should in the state of Wudu
• Then perform 2 Rakat Nafl Salat
• After prayer, recite the Durood and praise of Allah
• Recite many times Tasbeeh and Durood e Pak
• In the end, make Dua for your desire requirement

Dua for Salat ul Hajat

According to Hadith,

“There is no Allah but Allah the Mild and Astute. There is no Allah but Allah the High and Enormous. Magnificence is to Allah, Allah of the Marvelous Power. All admiration is to Allah, Allah of the worlds. I ask you (O Allah) all that principals to your pity, and your marvelous clemency, enhancement in all good and liberty from all sin. Don’t leave a sin of mine (O Allah), apart from that you forgive it, nor any apprehension apart from that you create for it an opening, nor any need in which there is your good desire apart from that you achieve it, O Most Kind!” (Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah)

Consideration during Salat ul Hajat

Some things to consider during the Salat ul Hajat, are given below,

• Hygiene state, tidy clothes, and proper concentration
• No noise and distractions and clean place
• Humble way, true concentration when making Dua

So, be careful to perform Salat ul Hajat because if you want that your desire fulfills then be humble and lost yourself in the remembrance of Allah. And if you want to go for umrah you must contact with umrah experts because they have december umrah packages 2017 uk  for those persons who are living in uk.

Importance of Dua in Umrah and Prayer

It is seen that many people complain that there Duas do not get any answer from Allah Almighty and they get dishearten. Sometimes people get disappointed to such an extent that they even stop making Dua and keep saying that there is no point of making any further Dua because Allah do not listen to it. This is a completely wrong behavior. Allah listens to each single word of your Dua but He has made his own plans. He almighty knows that when He should make the Dua come. There is a certain time period set for each single thing and whatever Allah has chosen for us, is for our own benefit.

Importance of Dua in Umrah and Prayer
Importance of Dua in Umrah and Prayer

If our prayers and wishes are not getting true, then maybe the thing that we are asking for in our prayers is not appropriate for us and only Allah knows what is good for us and what is not. There are certain things which we can do toincrease the importance of Dua. First of all, one should be fully committed to his religion. You should give Zakat, do fast and offer Nama five times a day before going hajj by taking cheapest hajj packages. If you are not following the commands of Allah, then obviously He will not listen to your Dua as well. Even though Allah loves us more than seventy mothers, but He demands our love as well. Make sure that you are not asking for something evil in your Dua. You should never pray for someone’s deterioration or decline because than the importance of Dua will get decrease instead of getting increased.

The timings and location of making any Dua also matters a lot. If a person is making a Dua in the proximity of Kaaba i.e. when he is performing the Umrah by cheapest umrah packages, then there are double number of chances that his Dua will get heard. On the other hand, if the timings of his Dua are of Tahajjud, which is mid night, then many Hadith have claimed that Allah always listen to the prayers which are made in this certain time period. We should also have pure intentions of heart if we are making Dua and asking something from Allah. The more pure our intentions are, the more chances you get that your Dua will be heard. Pray privately and pour your heart out. Allah will surely listen to your Dua.

Pleasure Of Paradise

Every person who has joined this world has to left this circle on day. And they are totally aware with the concept of hell and heaven. No doubt, to get every amenity of this world you have to make some efforts then you will be able to do that thing or you can achieve that thing easily. We always listened about the luxuries of the paradise still we want to get every luxury of this world. the reality of the paradise is unknown to every person of this world but as a true believer we must have the strong believe in the words of Quran.

As this is the book that is sent towards the earth for the prosperity of the Muslims and each word of this book is truer than a truth. You will experience the great opportunity to enter the Heaven if you follow the real teachings of Islam as thousands of the Muslims offer family umrah packages from London. If you have the strong wish to enter in Jannah then obviously, you should have good deeds in your account and then you can manage these things in a great way. you should do the noble deeds and you should realize the importance this world when you have a comparison to get the much better things in the life hereafter then it can groom yourself mentally.

Allah Almighty who is most kind and beneficent has shown the luxuries of the Heavens in the verses of Quran that is the biggest proof for the eternity of the Muslims life.If you want to earn Jannah then it is not too much difficult as much as you think. You just need to focus on yourself that what is good and what is bad, soon you will feel that you are on the right path or wrong. But to keep yourself on the right path you should have to manage yourself just according to the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet peace be upon him. you can offer your religious obligations through the best family hajj packages from London. You will find every luxury in the heaven that will be available for you to make your moments best and there will be no concept about the death. It is the beauty of Quran that fully explains the each and every aspect of this life to make you vigilant about every issue.

Interesting Facts About Hajar Al-Aswad

According to Islamic instructions and history, the most renown stone Hajar al-Aswad is the great piece of Jannat and it was awarded to Prophet Ibrahim may peace and blessings be upon him. Umrah Experts provides inexpensive Three star 2017 Ramadan Umrah packages with family from London with hotel and flight And according to the instructions of the it was the order to place this sacred stone at the corner of the Holy Kaaba.

According to the sacred words of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), when the stone first came to Earth it was completely white but with the passage of time it gets turned into black by absorbing the sins of human beings. Umrah Experts provides inexpensive Three star 2017 Ramadan Umrah packages with family from London with hotel and flight Every year thousands of people visits the sacred mosque of Masjid Al haram and have kiss for the respect and the honor of the black stone. Especially those who are availing the Umrah Experts provides inexpensive Three star 2017 Ramadan Umrah packages with family from London with hotel and flight. Having the sight of Madinah and the great places of Makkah is the best scenery for those who are making this religious journey first time in their lives. And according to the hadith of the Holy Prophet Peace be upon him the stone will come as the witness for those who had kissed it on the day of judgment.

According to the history when Qabah was destroyed and then it was reconstructed again. Then there were started a great discussion with related to black stone. Umrah Experts provides inexpensive Three star 2017 Ramadan Umrah packages with family from London with hotel and flight It was about the fixing of black stone. Then it was decided to choose the person with the first entry from the gate and it was Holy Prophet Peace be upon him and he made a great plan to fix this stone.

Holy Prophet Peace be upon him took the black stone in the cloth and all the notable families hold the corner of the cloth and then Holy Prophet Peace be upon him placed this sacred stone with his own hands and placed it to the original place. Umrah Experts provides inexpensive Three star 2017 Ramadan Umrah packages with family from London with hotel and flight

It is narrated that Hazrat Umer R.A made a kiss on the stone by saying these words that you can neither benefit us and neither can give us harm I am doing it because my beloved Prophet Peace be upon him did this. It was the statement that was made for the Muslims benefits otherwise people can point out the Muslims that they worship the stones. Umrah Experts provides inexpensive Three star 2017 Ramadan Umrah packages with family from London with hotel and flight. We should always have the respect for the companions of the Holy Prophet Peace be upon him as well and should pray to Allah Almighty to give all of us a great chance to touch that heavenly stone.

No Racism In Islam

Racism means that you show any kind of discrimination or prejudice based on someone’s cast, skin color, sociology economic status, ethnicity, religion or any other thing which differ from other person. That examples of racism are seen everywhere in our day to day lives. Wherever you go, you see that people who have power and authority always show racism to the inferior class and treat them as per their desires. That racism is not only in terms of sociology economic status, but also some people think that they are superior from others due to a certain cast they hold. Especially in India, where the cast system is being followed to an extreme level.

When we talk about Islam, Allah has shown high displeasure towards those who engage themselves in the acts of racism. Islam has always given the lesson of equality to the people despite their economic status, ethnicity, skin color or any other thing. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has shown numerous examples of equality in his whole life, which gives a lesson to us all. If you look at the example of Namaz, you can see that in mosques all Muslims are treated equally. Whoever reaches the mosque first, stands in the first row whether he is rich or poor and prays behind one imam. Same case can be seen in the holy obligation of Hajj and Umrah when Muslims from all around the world gather in front of the Holy Kaaba by availing packages like umrah package 2017 Birmingham despite from which country they belong or what skin color they hold.

In the last sermon given by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), he addressed the Muslims by talking about the important issue of racism. Prophet cleared to the Muslims that a white person is neither superior nor inferior to a black person. Also, an Arab person is neither superior to a Non-Arab person nor inferior. Superiority is based on Taqwa which means that a person refrain from bad deeds as much as it is possible and try to follow the commands of Allah in all phases of his life.

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Drawbacks Of Complaining In Psychology And Islam

It is the nature of human beings that we always tend to complain about things quite often. Even if there are a million things in our life to be grateful about, a person would always find that one particular thing to complain about. To some extent, this trait is present in every single person. The problem arises when a person starts complaining way too much and it gets irritating not only for him but for others as well.

People often keep high expectations in life and don’t work in the right direction to meet those expectations. This can lead to severe frustration and dissatisfaction which can give birth to many psychological problems. This constant complaining about little things can cause adverse effects on our mental health. Think about all those things which we complain about the moment we start our day. Sometimes we even complain about the family we are living in, the clothes we are wearing and the food we are eating, without thinking that millions of people lack these three basic necessities in life.

The world’s most holy religion Islam has advised the Muslims to be grateful for the things in their life, without thinking that they are big or small. Also, one should be highly grateful to their Lord who has given them all those blessings which they didn’t even ask for. This gratitude can be shown to Allah through many ways. Each year, numerous Muslims travel from all over the world to perform the holy obligation of Hajj and Umrah by availing the packages like best 5-star Luxury Hotels Family Umrah Packages with Luxury Hotels with Flights 2017 in order to show their gratitude towards Allah Almighty. When Muslim takes out time from his hectic routine and starts planning for their trip to the holy obligation, then this gratitude of a man towards his Lord is the taken in the highest rank of all.

People should always remember that all the hardships and worries are a test given by Allah to their men. Complaining would only make your condition worse and you will not be able to figure out the best solution to that problem. From today onwards, start changing your daily routines which are full of complaints and whining about things. Instead of all this, start appreciating about all the things around you whether big or small and your life will completely change. May Allah provide the opportunity to all the Muslims so that they can lead a life full of gratitude.

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