Drawbacks Of Complaining In Psychology And Islam

It is the nature of human beings that we always tend to complain about things quite often. Even if there are a million things in our life to be grateful about, a person would always find that one particular thing to complain about. To some extent, this trait is present in every single person. The problem arises when a person starts complaining way too much and it gets irritating not only for him but for others as well.

People often keep high expectations in life and don’t work in the right direction to meet those expectations. This can lead to severe frustration and dissatisfaction which can give birth to many psychological problems. This constant complaining about little things can cause adverse effects on our mental health. Think about all those things which we complain about the moment we start our day. Sometimes we even complain about the family we are living in, the clothes we are wearing and the food we are eating, without thinking that millions of people lack these three basic necessities in life.

The world’s most holy religion Islam has advised the Muslims to be grateful for the things in their life, without thinking that they are big or small. Also, one should be highly grateful to their Lord who has given them all those blessings which they didn’t even ask for. This gratitude can be shown to Allah through many ways. Each year, numerous Muslims travel from all over the world to perform the holy obligation of Hajj and Umrah by availing the packages like best 5-star Luxury Hotels Family Umrah Packages with Luxury Hotels with Flights 2017 in order to show their gratitude towards Allah Almighty. When Muslim takes out time from his hectic routine and starts planning for their trip to the holy obligation, then this gratitude of a man towards his Lord is the taken in the highest rank of all.

People should always remember that all the hardships and worries are a test given by Allah to their men. Complaining would only make your condition worse and you will not be able to figure out the best solution to that problem. From today onwards, start changing your daily routines which are full of complaints and whining about things. Instead of all this, start appreciating about all the things around you whether big or small and your life will completely change. May Allah provide the opportunity to all the Muslims so that they can lead a life full of gratitude.

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Prophet Muhammad(Pbuh) As Best Preacher

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was one of the beloved prophet of Allah (SWT). And He was the last Prophet of Allah (SWT). He was the top most prominent personality of the world as by the nonbelievers. He was just a complete personality to all aspects who laid the foundation of humanity and justice.

There was a time when there is no system of justice, and brutality were most applicable in this society. There was no system of justice and everything was running according to power and authority. Powerful people always try to curse down the poor. Slavery with brutality was the prominent part of the society. There were no judicial systems defined for poor. It was a cursed time when baby girl was buried as they have born with that Identity. It was considered as abasement who have the baby girl as their infants.

Just consider the whole scene of that era, then Allah (SWT) has enlightened the whole Arab society with His blessings. As He is very kind and merciful so it was a great time for this blessing. Hazrat Muhammad (SWT) started His preaching from Makkah, where the people of Makkah were highly against Him. because they have concept of multiple Gods and idol worship was their top most priority but when they have listened the concept of monotheism they were highly against him. it was a great time of difficulty and then with the commandments of Allah (SWT), he continued his preaching from Makkah to Medina and other cities as well.

After a long time, these teaching became fruitful and it embedded with lot of sacrifices and lot of battle for the survival of Islam. Many people have laid their lives for the prosperity and the dignity of this religion. As they have turned their hearts towards the unity and greatness of Allah. on the occasion of Hijja tul wida Holy Prophet (PBUH) addressed the Muslims and offered Hajj. And that Sunnah is still the desired of whole Muslim nation. And for your completion of Sunnah we are providing the cheap flights and best Umrah and Hajj packages Umrah Packages for Groups from London, England. Complete the great Sunnah of your Holy prophet (PBUH) to prosper yourself in this world and the hereafter.

House of Haleemaha

House of Haleemaha Foster Mother of Muhammad(PBHU)

Some holy stories and Places are very respectful for the Muslims. When they will come to the hajj and Umrah they will visit all these places. Islam growths consistency in society for the universal benefit of the mankind. It endorses strong bonds between parents and the children. It enlarges relationship to even the wet nurses, serving the children. If a child is elevated and suckled by a woman other than the real mother, she is condensed the status of anadditional mother called Umm Ridah which mean a Substitute mother, or milk mother.

Her husband is conserved as the father of the child, and her children real brothers and sister’sexclusion marriages with them. Thus, a woman who harbors a child more than five times before the age of two years becomes mother by milk-relation with different privileges under Islamic rule. The suckled child is measured as a full sibling to the foster-mother’s other children.
When the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was still anewborn, a group of ladies visited Makkah to take the new born babies to the open desert. This is the main reason when people have their faith regrading to this improvement of space and they have to look well-intentioned about it.
Haleemah Saida is the name of Prophet(PUBH) foster mother. He took him and look after him for the specific period.There are some ruins are remains of the house of Prophet foster mother in the BanuSasd area in the desert of Hudaibiyah. It was habitual amongst the citizens of Makkah to put their newborns in the care of Bedouin women who would increase them for a couple of years in the desert.
Each six months Haleemah would take Muhammad(pbuh) to Makkah to be with his mother and other household members. She would then return with him to DayarBanu Saad. After Muhammad(PBUH) was dissuaded, it was time for him to go back to his household for good. If you want to see this Holy house and Other places where Our Prophet raise up and spend his precious time you have to choose hajj and Umrah 2017 to Perform. For making your umrah journey best we are giving you a cheap umrah packages 2017 which are very cheap and economical for your budget.

How Prayer Changed Our Children Life

A Prayer is a very essential and change the way of our Children’s and refrain our children from devil things and move toward the good things. once the Children’s face any variety of problems. During this Prayer for achievement with God on our problems and difficulties, we will attain success in varied things. This is often a group or Prayers for achievement, posing for positive result, business and health etc. in your life, prayer is good source of getting relief and success in your life.

Prayer for Children’s Safety

This world is angry and typically atrocity and pain fall on higher and ideal folks. The oldsters we tend to see this and also the insecurity these pressure sparkles in United States are typically harden or establish. We tend to cannot insure the protection of our Children’s and that we fire your protection over our Children’s, over their decisions, over the fellows and that they have with substitute adults during this Prayer. We tend to actually cannot safe their lives ourselves and you are doing promise shield and protect once we demand in our life. Pray is not only source for removing their sins you can perform hajj by booking cheap hajj packages. During hajj you can prayer from Allah. God must except your prayer and solve your all problems.

This is often more practical Prayer for the Children’s Education and also the Prayer is a very important constituent of information in non-secular faculties, faculties etc. The Prayer is employed in faculties, faculties to encourage non secular development still as literary consciousness in your life. Prayer can change our lives and remove difficulties that I have to face in this world. so this is very necessary for our parent’s book cheap umrah packages, seek our children norms and rituals our children. The Islamic rituals are very necessary for making life perfect of the child.

We hope that the assorted connections to Prayers for the Children’s Education can give appropriate Education for our kid. God cares regarding their usual lives, their well-being and their connections in your general life.

What Is Islam

Islam is great and largest religion and this is growing day by day (Alhamdulillah). Rasulullah (Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam) said: “Islam is to appear that there is no god but only Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah, for offer the prayers, to pay the Zakaat, to fast in Ramadan, as well as to make the holy guest of Allah to the House if pilgrimage is able to do so”.

There are certain pillars of the Islam which include are Imaan (Belief), Salah (Prayer), Fast, Zakaat and pilgrimage to the House of Allah are also called the pillars of Islam. These all are necessary duties of a Muslim to perform all these activities in their life. Moreover, Islam is separated in to three major categories. It all started up when Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) as well as his son Hazrat Ismail (A.S) were structure the house of Allah and were paying, Moreover, Quran talks about their prayer: “Our Lord! Send amongst them a Messenger of their own, who shall practice Thy Signs to them and teach them in scripture and wisdom, and sanctify them. Similarly, hajj is pillar of Islam that is necessary on every Muslims once in lifetime. You can perform by booking cheap hajj packages 2017.

Hazrat Ibrahim prayed to Allah (SWT) to send a Messenger to this mankind who does three things:

  • Call them towards Allah (SWT), praying
  • Teach them in scripture and wisdom
  • The last one is to bless them

Actually this payer was for Rasulullah (Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam), Allah Ta’ala satisfied His promise and sent His Beloved messenger Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) for the best guidance as well as direction of this mankind. Our beloved Rasulullah (Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam) used to do all these things; he used to call people towards Allah. Moreover, according to the hades, there is no different between distance, race, and color in front Allah. Prayer is not only source that remove their sins, you can remove their sins by performing hajj by booking cheap umrah packages 2017.

However, the sun, moon earth, stars, trees, all of them are the signs of Allah (SWT). Rasulullah (Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam) said in the Quran that used to inspire people about the Oneness of Allah, this was the first or prime Job of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).  So, follow Islam, that provide the best guide about every aspect of life.