Difficulties In Performing Hajj

Each year, Muslims from all over the world take part in this beautiful obligation of Hajj. It is the greatest dream of all Muslims to perform Hajj because it is the fifth and most important pillar of Islam, and also the sake of Allah’s command has the highest significance in the life of all Muslims. It brings closer all the Muslim brother and sisters from various parts of the world. One feels the strong bonding of sharing the same religion with a person from a completely different country that he has never gone before.
It is important that you must be physically healthy enough to perform the rituals of Hajj. Usually people leave this most important obligation for their old age and they think of performing it once they get free from the worldly matters and stuffs. But they forget that if they are not healthy and active enough, they will never be able to gain the full benefits of Hajj which Allah has promised with his true worshippers.

One should never ever take any kind of loan to perform Hajj. If you can’t perform it than it is completely fine since Hajj is obligatory for those who can afford it. Allah is the greatest of all and he never put his loved creations in any difficulty that they are unable to face. This is the reason that Hajj was never made compulsory and one should only perform it if he is financially stable enough. You can also avail the Hajj Packages which are offered by some of the most brilliant travelling companies and are affordable enough for all.

Before leaving for Hajj, ask for the forgiveness of people whom you have hurt in any way. Well what is the point of asking for Allah’s forgiveness when the Creations of Allah are hurt from you and haven’t forgiven you yet? Solve all the arguments that you may have with any of your relative, friend or neighbor.

Some other difficulties that a Muslim might face is at the place of Arafat where the scorching heat and blazing sun can give you a hard time. This is the point when you realize that how much important it is to have a good health. If you are old and physically not active, then how will you ever face the heat.

Another highly important thing that should be kept in mind is that when you have performed the obligation of Hajj, you have become a new man. You have made new promises and commitments with Allah Almighty and if you return to your previous life of sins and mistakes then it is useless to perform Hajj. There is no benefit of performing Hajj if you are continuing your life of sins and disobedience of Allah’s commands and there is no change in your life accept the title of Haji that you have gain by performing that holy ritual. Basically, the purpose of doing Hajj is to submit yourself to Allah Almighty, make a test with your faith and belief, show absolute commitments and devotion towards the beautiful religion of Islam.


Rites And Rituals Of Hajj

The rites of the Hajj rejoice the various acts of Prophet Ibrahim, his wife Hagar, and their son Ismail, that mean their faith in God. However, this is also supposed as an act, in which the Muslims from every corner of the world show unity with each other, and for their faith in a single God, the Allah. The following rituals are performed in this pilgrimage.

The Ihram: As soon as the pilgrims reach the border of Mecca, they enter the state of Ihram or purity. In this state, men wear two white and unified sheets of clothes that cover their bodies, and a pair of sandals. Women are predictable to wear the modest hijab, that would leave their hands and faces uncovered. This ritual also supports equality of all, in the eyes of God, by removing any external pointer of cultural or financial differences.

The Umrah: On the first day of this pilgrimage, the Hajj is (the pilgrims), provide their first Tawaf, that is the act of walking around the Kabah, seven times in anticlockwise direction, and kissing the Black Stone after each round. After this, on the same day, the pilgrims walk between the mountain of Safa and Marwah, seven times as an imitation of the act of Hagar who hysterically searched for water for her thirsty son. They also drink the holy water from the Zamzam Well, that is believed to have been exposed to Hagar by an angel. Every year Muslims perform Hajj by cheap hajj packages.

Travel to Arafat and Muzdalifah: The holy guest of Allah spends the second day in Mina. On the third day, they reach Arafat, where they narrate the Holy Quran near Mount Arafat, from where Prophet Muhammad is hypothetical to have preached his last sermon called as the Wuquf, this ritual is believed to be the most feature of the Hajj. As soon as the sun sets, the pilgrims leave for Muzdalifah, where they collect stones for the next ritual in Mina. The Muslims from all over the world perform hajj and Umrah by Ramadan Umrah packages and perform these rituals.

For the last 14 centuries, Muslims from all over the world have been gathering in millions to the city of Mecca to make the holy pilgrimage of Hajj, and the number keeps increasing every year. Although this is necessarily a pilgrimage for the Muslims, this symbolizes the virtues like self-sacrifice and faith in the Almighty, called are preached by every religion in the world.

Virtues And Blessings Of Durood Sharif

Islam is the religion of mercy and blessings that provides its followers with countless opportunities to earn rewards, virtues and ways to earn forgiveness from sins and transgressions. There are certain special actions and words; verses that exalt Muslims to higher ranks before Allah, besides the usual prayers and recitation of the Holy Quran. But there is one single zikr, which holds the most significance in Islam, referred to as Durood Shareef.

Its importance can be deciphered from the fact that the Creator is sending Durood on his beloved Prophet (Peace be upon him), this very fact increases the value of this zikr four folds. It is stated in Quran within the Chapter Ahzaab that Allah and his angels send blessings on the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), further asking the believers to send durood and salam on the Prophet (Peace be upon him).

There are many duroods, but the most authentic and best one is called Durood e Ibrahimi which reads ‘O Allah, let your blessings come upon Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and his progeny, like you have blessed Ibrahim (Peace be upon him) and his progeny, truly You are Praiseworthy and Glorious. Allah bless Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and his progeny, like you have blessed Ibrahim (Peace be upon him) and his progeny, truly You are the most Praiseworthy and the Glorious.’

There are various Ahadith (sayings of the Prophet) in this regards, one such account states that once Gabriel (Peace be upon him), the most exalted and highest ranked angel came to the Prophet (Peace be upon him) with the report that anyone sending his blessings upon me once, will be blessed ten times by the Almighty, whereas the angels will ask ten times for his forgiveness from Allah.

Another such account asks Muslims to offer durood in abundance on Friday as it is presented directly to the Prophet (Peace be upon him) on that day. Sending blessings on Muhammad (Peace be upon him) indeed is a gift from the Almighty for his creation, which eases pain, suffering, tension and is a source of pardoning of sins, in addition to that it increases the reciter’s rank before Allah.

One of the numerous, one durood reads, ‘O Allah, bless Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and his progeny, a thousand; thousand times.’ Recitation of durood validates your prayers before Allah, besides that there are countless, never ending benefits attached with recitation of durood. Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said that may the nose of the person soil in dust who does not send blessings upon me when my name is taken in his presence.

It can be easily deciphered what sending blessings on the Prophet (Peace be upon him) and his family holds in the eyes of the Prophet (Peace be upon him) himself and Allah.