House of Haleemaha

House of Haleemaha Foster Mother of Muhammad (PBHU)

Some holy stories and Places are very respectful of the Muslims. When they will come to the Hajj and Umrah they will visit all these places. Islam growths consistency in society for the universal benefit of the mankind. It endorses strong bonds between parents and the children. It enlarges relationship to even the wet nurses, serving the children. If a child is elevated and suckled by a woman other than the real mother, she has condensed the status of the additional mother called Umm Ridah which mean a Substitute mother, or milk mother.

Her husband is conserved as the father of the child, and her children real brothers and sister’s-exclusion marriages with them. Thus, a woman who harbors a child more than five times before the age of two years becomes the mother by milk-relation with different privileges under Islamic rule. The suckled child is measured as a full sibling to the foster-mother’s other children.

When the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was still newborn, a group of ladies visited Makkah to take the newborn babies to the open desert. This is the main reason when people have their faith regarding this improvement of space and they have to look well-intentioned about it.

Haleemah Saida is the name of Prophet(PUBH) foster mother. He took him and look after him for the specific period. There are some ruins are remains of the house of Prophet foster mother in the BanuSasd area in the desert of Hudaibiyah. It was habitual amongst the citizens of Makkah to put their newborns in the care of Bedouin women who would increase them for a couple of years in the desert.

Each six months Haleemah would take Muhammad (PBUH) to Makkah to be with his mother and other household members. She would then return with him to DayarBanu Saad. After Muhammad(PBUH) was dissuaded, it was time for him to go back to his household for good. If you want to see this Holy house and Other places where Our Prophet raise up and spend his precious time you have to choose hajj and Umrah to Perform. For making your umrah journey best we are giving you Cheap Uk Ramadan umrah packages which are very cheap and economical for your budget.


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